How to Block Contacts on QQ International for Mobile?

Is there someone you don’t want to talk to? Do you want to hide your presence from a contact? Don’t worry: with QQ International you have full control over your privacy and visibility.

Tap on the “Contacts” tab in the bottom navigation bar, then select the contact you want to block. Tap on the top-right corner pop-up the following menu and select “Visibility and Permissions”:

From the menu below you can choose to block the user (the contact won’t be able to see you online or contact you when sending a message), or ignore the selected users’ updates on Qzone (you won’t see any new post by the selected contact).





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Free Cloud Storage with QQ International

The latest version of QQ International for Windows comes with 2GB of free cloud storage offered by Tencent Cloud. Using this function is easy and intuitive as it gets: access Tencent Cloud from the Apps in your QQ International client as below:

You will automatically open the Tencent Cloud client. Manage all your files through the integrated file browser, upload content, and share it with your QQ contacts or publicly with the entire world via a simple Web link.

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How To Send Files When on Mobile?

Transferring files from your mobile to QQ International contacts is fast. Open a conversation with your contact and then tap on the “+” sign, then select “Files” as follows:

You can select local files stored in your device or even content saved in your Tencent Cloud.

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How To Customize My QQ International Profile on Mobile

Do you want to change your profile picture and your information available to QQ contacts? It’s fairly easy. Tap on the “Settings” tab then “My Profile”.

From this menu you can tap again on the profile picture to change it with another image. By tapping “Edit” you can change your date of birth, nickname, gender, and status message (which will be publicly visible). If you tap on the background shown at the top of your profile you can change it as you like. Please notice that this will also be your Qzone background cover.
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How to Start a Mobile Video Call?

With QQ International you can make free video calls to all your online contacts. Although the service is offered free of charge please do mind your connection circumstances and details because data charges might apply. We strongly suggest you to use mobile video calls while connected to a broadband wireless network in order to achieve optimal performance.

Start a video call by creating a new chat with your desired contact and then pressing the “+” icon in the lower part of the screen. Proceed to select the “Video Call” icon as follows:

This will start ringing your contact. If the other party accepts the call then you will start your video call as soon as the connection is established.

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How to Control My Visibility and Limit How People Find Me Online?

On QQ International you have full control on how you want to be found by other contacts, and whether to appear or be hidden to the wider QQ userbase.

QQ International for Android and iOS

First tap on the Settings tab in the lower navigation bar and then “Security and Privacy”:

From this menu you can control every single aspect of your visibility to other users who still haven’t added you to their contact list.

QQ International for Windows

Go to Settings from the main panel:

Then go to Privacy and Visibility:


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Helpful Tools to Translate Chinese Webpages

Mandarin is not your strength? Here are some tips and useful applications to help you navigate through the Chinese web with ease.Essential QQ services and processes such as account signup and security are available in English but, as you might know, some of the additional features such as VIP membership are still in Mandarin Chinese.

In the meanwhile you want to take a look at the following tips to ensure you can navigate through the vast galaxy of QQ services for the Chinese speaking audience – even if you don’t know the language!

If you use any of the above (or a combination of them) you won’t have any trouble understanding most of the Chinese used by Tencent websites. We strongly suggest you to download and install a tooltip translator/dictionary because it’s the fastest and most intuitive way to read Chinese (and learn it too, if you are keen!).

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How to Manage Your QQ International Group Details

Once you’ve joined (or created) a QQ International group you need to manage it and this is how you do it. First of all you need to tap “Contacts” on the bottom navigation and then select “Groups”. This will list all the QQ groups you belong to as below:

If the group you want manage is called “aaa” like in the image above then you need tap on its name to view all latest activities. Once you’re on the group discussion you simply have to touch the icon on the top-right corner of the screen to access the details menu as below:

This will open the details menu from which you can control all related options and preferences: notifications, visibility, invitations and much more.



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How Do I Invite People to Join My QQ International Group?

Every QQ International Group has a unique group number and other users can use various methods to find groups to join.

QQ International for iOS and Android

The easiest way to invite a friend is by sharing an invitation link. This can be created as a QR Code or a URL to be copied and pasted as you like. Please be reminded that the recipient of an invitation link will then be able to join your QQ International Group of choice according to its own visibility and membership settings.

To generate an invitation link you need to reach the details page for your QQ group of choice:

Alternatively you can invite your own QQ International contacts from the same group details page by choosing the option below and following the on-screen instructions:


QQ International for Windows

If you want to invite your friends who are already on your contact list, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Group tab and open the Group you would like to invite friends.

Step 2: Click “Group Settings” menu and choose “Manage Members” from the menu.

Step 3: You will see the list of all existing members in this Group on the “Members” tab. To invite friends, click “Add new Member”.

Step 4: You can search for a specific person from your contact list, or open a category and invite multiple people to join the Group. Select a person on the left to add, and select a person from the right to remove.

Step 5: Make sure you click the Apply button on the Group Settings page!

Step 6: You will see the following message in the Group chat window: The invitation is sent. Please wait for the contact to accept.

Step 7: Your contact will receive notice and may choose to accept or decline your invitation.

Step 8: You will receive a notice whether your contact has accepted or declined to join your Group. If s/he has accepted to your invitation, his/her name will show up in the member list in the Group now.


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