QQ International on Windows 8 32/64 bit

Is QQ International compatible with Windows 8? Of course it is! Both 32 and 64 bit versions support QQ International with no problems. It also runs on Surface tablets equipped with Windows 8, but it cannot be used on Windows RT systems (sorry about that).

First make sure that you download the latest version from our official site. You need at least QQ International 1.6 to ensure total compatibility with Windows 8. Our application doesn’t sport a signature Win8 interface yet (hint: it’s in the wishlist!), but it sure does work like a charm – just like your beloved QQ International client is supposed to.

Check out the screenshots below:

QQ International on Windows 8 32bit


QQ International on Windows 8 64bit

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What’s the Knocking Sound and How to Stop It?

The default sign-in notification sound is the knocking-on-the-door sound. If you don’t like the sound, you can customize it or turn it off – just keep reading on to know how.

Click on the Settings button from the main panel of your QQ International client:

Once you’ve opened the Settings menu, click on “Sounds” and then “Setup System Sounds”. This will pop-up a sub-menu where you can easily customize or turn off all of QQ International’s sound notifications.

Sometimes you hear the sign-in notification go non-stop. It’s likely that someone in your contact list is having connection problem and her QQ account signs in and out repeatedly. You can temporarily mute the sign-in sound by going to the Settings and clicking on the corresponding sound status to switch it off.

You may also want to notify this friend because sometimes she may not realize the problem. To find out who the person is, open your contact list and see which profile is flashing when you hear the knocking sound.


Why QQ International for Windows Disconnects Automatically?

Are you having troubles maintaining your connection to the QQ International servers? First of all we encourage you to double check your current network environment and exclude all common connectivity problems (router malfunction, disrupted network, firewalls…).

If you’ve done all of the routine checks and your network is working fine then there might be a conflict in your computer configuration or LAN setup. Before trying the following steps, please make sure that you installed the official version of QQ International from our website. Next, go to My Documents->Tencent Files, find your QQ ID folder and delete it (make a copy of the folder if you want to restore your chat history and received files).

Still no luck? Try changing the following:

QQ Server: go to the Login Settings panel when you start up QQ International and change the server type to UDP

Proxy: if you are specifically using a proxy when connecting to QQ International servers please try to disable it from the above Login Settings panel.

Private Network or VPN: if you’re connecting to the Internet through a private network such as a corporate intranet or a personal VPN then you might want to either disable the VPN or check with your network administrator because QQ International could have been blocked (many companies forbid employees to use instant messengers).


Daily Poster Gallery

If you like the pictures from our Today window, you will love the Daily Poster app! It is a gallery of all pictures that have appeared on Today window, so you won’t miss a single one of them even if you miss a day on QQ International (okay, we don’t want you miss a day on QQ International either!)

To add Daily Poster App, click on “App Box” icon on the main panel. Search for “Daily Poster” and add it.

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InstaViewer Brings Instagram Feeds to QQ International

Do you need to browse your Instagram photo feed while chatting on QQ International? Then the InstaViewer app is your choice. At the moment this feature is not available on QQ International for smartphones.

InstaViewer comes bundled with QQ International v1.5 and above. If you have an older version, you can go to App Box and look for it in “Pre-installed” category or simply type in the search box. In any case it’s better if you download the latest version of QQ International from our site.

You can run InstaViewer from the ‘My Apps’ tab on the main panel.

Its interface is quite simple to understand and use. First off you need to  click on “Login” and connect your Instagram account to QQ International. Your photos will appear under “My photos” and your friends’ photos will be in the “Feed” tab.

The first tab “Popular” pulls random popular photo feed from Instagram. The second tab “Feed” is the photo feed from people you follow. The third tab “My photos” contains all the photos you have shared on Instagram.

You can then click on the thumbnails to enlarge and view any photo you like!