12 Responses to How to Delete My QQ Account For Good?

  1. Manfred Ross says:

    very useful blog Thank you!

  2. lazylazy says:

    Please delete account

  3. lucky says:

    please delete my account….

  4. tony says:

    This is a joke isn’t it? I get constant emails which I cannot stop. Privacy settings are a joke.

  5. SambSamir says:

    Dear Sir Madam

    On the 21 February I have joined your QQ unfortunately since I have problems with my computer, however in attempting to remove this program I am told that the program is open I need to close the programme then remove it.

    On looking at your page it said that QQ account cannot be deleted by user, this is not our agreement I am aware that I can remove your program any time in accordance with the agreement and the file which has (uninstall QQ international) so please help me to remove it, I my reinstall it latter if it was not the program that has cuased the problem.

    I am awaiting your instructions urgently

    Thanking You

    Best Regard


    • QQi says:

      Dear Samb, thank you for getting in touch. Our client can be uninstalled any time. Please make sure you don’t have a running QQ client whilst you’re trying to remove it from your system. Double check the system tray and make sure QQ is not running. If this is not the case, then your situation sounds very unusual: have you downloaded our client from http://www.imqq.com, our official website? Please let us know.

  6. richard says:

    I need to uninstall qq messenger but when I try I get a message saying that the program is running and can’t be uninstalled. I logged out of qq but apparently it is still running. Please explain how to completely log out, stop the program running. Thank you.

  7. Dina Kerr says:

    Please delete my account immediately. I want no more e mails and I specified the address above and got something from QQ at another of my e mail addresses. I do not want to be part of this.

  8. George Liu says:

    how can I permanently delete my qq account?

  9. Ricardo Ramirez says:

    I would like to delete my account.