6 Responses to Unable to Send Friend Requests on QQ International

  1. Cailane says:

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  2. Deise says:

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  3. Carol says:

    thank you for your advice !

  4. Carl Hilton says:

    My account was temporarily suspended from adding friends. I’m not certain why as I have only added maybe two or three this past week. That doesn’t seem to be a huge amount, and all of them are people I have met in person and have been given their qq number to add as friends. Please explain. My QQ number: 1276749058. Thank you!

    • QQi says:

      Hi Carl, please get in touch with our CS at qqimail@tencent.com

      • Carl Hilton says:

        I contacted them and they responded by asking me to read the Terms of Service which I have already done. There is nothing in there that explains what it is I could have done to cause this. I have no added a lot of friends, maybe 3-4 in the last month. I do not send advertisments, and only occasionally send songs to my friends that I have on my computer. This is ridiculous and I want an explanation as to why my account has been temporarily suspended. I am tired of waiting for someone to get back to me. Please fix and take care of this problem so I can add a friend that I met last night. I’m a little unhappy about your lack of response and customer service here.