How to Manage Your QQ International Group Details

Once you’ve joined (or created) a QQ International group you need to manage it and this is how you do it. First of all you need to tap “Contacts” on the bottom navigation and then select “Groups”. This will list all the QQ groups you belong to as below:

If the group you want manage is called “aaa” like in the image above then you need tap on its name to view all latest activities. Once you’re on the group discussion you simply have to touch the icon on the top-right corner of the screen to access the details menu as below:

This will open the details menu from which you can control all related options and preferences: notifications, visibility, invitations and much more.




How Do I Invite People to Join My QQ International Group?

Every QQ International Group has a unique group number and other users can use various methods to find groups to join.

QQ International for iOS and Android

The easiest way to invite a friend is by sharing an invitation link. This can be created as a QR Code or a URL to be copied and pasted as you like. Please be reminded that the recipient of an invitation link will then be able to join your QQ International Group of choice according to its own visibility and membership settings.

To generate an invitation link you need to reach the details page for your QQ group of choice:

Alternatively you can invite your own QQ International contacts from the same group details page by choosing the option below and following the on-screen instructions:


QQ International for Windows

If you want to invite your friends who are already on your contact list, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Group tab and open the Group you would like to invite friends.

Step 2: Click “Group Settings” menu and choose “Manage Members” from the menu.

Step 3: You will see the list of all existing members in this Group on the “Members” tab. To invite friends, click “Add new Member”.

Step 4: You can search for a specific person from your contact list, or open a category and invite multiple people to join the Group. Select a person on the left to add, and select a person from the right to remove.

Step 5: Make sure you click the Apply button on the Group Settings page!

Step 6: You will see the following message in the Group chat window: The invitation is sent. Please wait for the contact to accept.

Step 7: Your contact will receive notice and may choose to accept or decline your invitation.

Step 8: You will receive a notice whether your contact has accepted or declined to join your Group. If s/he has accepted to your invitation, his/her name will show up in the member list in the Group now.



How To Encrypt Your QQ International Chat History

Keep your chat history away from prying eyes by locking it with encryption! This feature is only available on QQ International for Windows.

First of all you need to open your settings menu from the Main Panel:

Go to “Security” and select “Message History”, then activate the option as below. You’ll need to set a standalone password to encrypt your message history: please keep it safe because if you lose it you won’t be able to recover your history in any way.


QQ Chat Now Supports Translations to Elvish

We’re very proud to announce that QQ Chat now supports live translations to Elvish! It’s a great addition to this app and all of our friends who love the Lord of the Rings will be thrilled to use it.

Currently we only offer support for the Sindarin dialect and we’re sorry if it’s not 100% accurate: we’re still tweaking it as we speak. Thanks a lot and don’t forget to join the flock at our official QQ International Facebook Page.


How to Set ID Protection for my Account?

Once you’ve signed up for a QQ account we invite you to setup ID protection (also called password protection) in order to get additional safety for your credentials. Here’s what you have to do.

Visit the QQ Security Center if you are using QQ International for smartphone, or go to Settings -> Privacy -> Password on QQ International for Windows: just click “Get QQ ID Protection” and it will open a browser window.

Login with your QQ account credentials (if you’ve clicked through QQ International you can go for the “Quick Sign-in” option), and enter the QQ Security Center.

When you’re in the QQ Security Center homepage you can either go to “Password Protection” via the tabbed navigation or click on the “Setup” button as below:

Now follow all the instructions on-screen and carefully select your security questions. Please try to use your real information and, most importantly, choose memorable answers. In case you need to restore your password, unlock your account, or recover compromised credentials, our system will require you to answer the chosen questions with the exact same wording you used during the setup.


Web-Based QQ? Try QQ Chat… Because It Rocks

If you haven’t tried QQ Chat then you should really spend some quality time with our new Web-based multilanguage QQ client that will rock your online social life!

We have stuffed it with unique features designed with global users in mind. If you’re looking for a platform-independent free application which lets you connect with millions of people from all over the world… look no further.

Five Good Reasons You Should Use QQ Chat

  1. It’s like QQ International, but it runs inside a browser window
  2. Built upon Facebook, it’s an endless source of new contacts and friends to chat with
  3. Live translation? We got it
  4. Always free and safe
  5. It’s QQ and you must have it

So why don’t you see for yourself and try QQ Chat right now?


QQ International on Windows 8 32/64 bit

Is QQ International compatible with Windows 8? Of course it is! Both 32 and 64 bit versions support QQ International with no problems. It also runs on Surface tablets equipped with Windows 8, but it cannot be used on Windows RT systems (sorry about that).

First make sure that you download the latest version from our official site. You need at least QQ International 1.6 to ensure total compatibility with Windows 8. Our application doesn’t sport a signature Win8 interface yet (hint: it’s in the wishlist!), but it sure does work like a charm – just like your beloved QQ International client is supposed to.

Check out the screenshots below:

QQ International on Windows 8 32bit


QQ International on Windows 8 64bit

Still not satisfied? Try QQ Chat … it runs in your browser!



QQ International 1.6 is Out… Don’t Miss This Update

Are you ready for the holiday season?

QQ International 1.6 is now available for download… our seasonal present!

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply teeming with anticipation for yummy treats and gifts, your friendly people at Tencent don’t discriminate because our QQ International is for everybody, everywhere.

This new version proves it – we bring you a smoother and more intuitive QQ experience so that you and your groups of friends from all over the world can get together to enjoy the finest instant messenger in the market.

What’s new?

1) Intuitive Groups Management and Creation

We’ve made it incredibly simple: you can now create and manage your Groups in a jiffy. Remember how you had to go through a Web form to create a Group and keep in touch with all your friends (as we said here)?  Forget about it: now you can create a new Group from a super user-friendly interface without having to leave the client. Ever (well, we know you love QQ but take some healthy breaks now and then, ok?)


2) Easy to Use, Improved Translator

This time we tried to answer a very serious question posed by many of our users:

What’s better than meeting new friends from abroad?

Overcoming language barriers! And now, thanks to our improved built-in translation, it’s easier than ever. Chatting with people from the Far-East has never been easier thanks to 50 supported languages obviously including Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.










3) Customize Your User Interface

We’re all using QQ International for different reasons, so what’s better than customizing your client? With this new feature you can swiftly manage your shortcuts and keep the functions you like the most right there at your fingertips.


So what are you waiting for? Download QQ International 1.6 now.

As usual, we’ve also fixed bugs and glitches here and there. You’re always welcome to speak up your mind and let us know your opinions either by getting in touch with us or by visiting our Facebook Page – don’t forget to “Like” us!