How to Block Contacts on QQ International for Mobile?

Is there someone you don’t want to talk to? Do you want to hide your presence from a contact? Don’t worry: with QQ International you have full control over your privacy and visibility.

Tap on the “Contacts” tab in the bottom navigation bar, then select the contact you want to block. Tap on the top-right corner pop-up the following menu and select “Visibility and Permissions”:

From the menu below you can choose to block the user (the contact won’t be able to see you online or contact you when sending a message), or ignore the selected users’ updates on Qzone (you won’t see any new post by the selected contact).






How to Block Contacts on QQ International for Windows?

To block contacts, right click the contact you want to block then “Privacy Settings” and “Block Permanently” from the menu.

Blocked contacts won’t be able to reach you or see your online status at all, and they will be collected in a specific contacts category as you can see below:

To unblock the contact you need to right click on it and select “Add to Contact List”.

You will send a new friend request to the blocked contact. As soon as your request is approved the contact will be deleted from your blocked list and added to your friend list.