Free Cloud Storage with QQ International

The latest version of QQ International for Windows comes with 2GB of free cloud storage offered by Tencent Cloud. Using this function is easy and intuitive as it gets: access Tencent Cloud from the Apps in your QQ International client as below:

You will automatically open the Tencent Cloud client. Manage all your files through the integrated file browser, upload content, and share it with your QQ contacts or publicly with the entire world via a simple Web link.


Free Online Storage – QQ Disk

QQ International gives you free cloud storage thanks to Tencent Cloud integration. The following article refers to an unsupported feature, please upgrade to the latest version of QQ International for Windows.

QQ Disk offers you 1GB storage in the cloud for free, you can upload your files on QQ disk and access your files from any computer at anytime and  anywhere. It’s a great way to keep a copy of all important files and transfer large files between computers.

QQ Disk is pre-installed in v1.5. If you have an older version of QQi, go to the App Box and look for it under “Pre-installed” category, or simply search the name.

Once it’s added, go to ‘My Apps’ tab on the main panel and open it.

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