How Do You Upgrade to the Latest Version of QQ International?

The best way to download the latest version of QQ International? Browse to our
official website – it’s the safest and easiest way to keep your QQ client updated.

Upgrading QQ International for Android and iPhone/iOS

Your smartphone will routinely notify you each time a new upgrade is available in your store of choice. Just follow the instructions in the notification. Moreover, QQ International will routinely let you know when a new version is ready to be downloaded.

Upgrading QQ International for Windows

You can run a Live Update. Get on the Main Panel:

To stay current with the latest version, we suggest that you turn on the auto update feature in the Settings menu:



How to Download and Install QQ International on My Device?

The best way to get QQ International on your device is to visit our official website and download the latest version.

Choose your preferred version and you’ll find the corresponding link whether you want to get QQ International for Android, iOS/iPhone, Web, Windows or Mac.

You get the best experience if you download the “full set” and install QQ International on your computer and mobile device. In fact QQ International offers very powerful tools to share your content and files across different platforms.

When you are downloading from our own website or external services such as Google Play or Appstore, please mind that the download time may vary depending on your connection speed and settings. Likewise the duration of the installation process depends on your device.

After you have successfully installed QQ International on your device you may need to create a new account before using it. We also urge you to setup QQ account protection to enhance your online safety.