How to Control My Visibility and Limit How People Find Me Online?

On QQ International you have full control on how you want to be found by other contacts, and whether to appear or be hidden to the wider QQ userbase.

QQ International for Android and iOS

First tap on the Settings tab in the lower navigation bar and then “Security and Privacy”:

From this menu you can control every single aspect of your visibility to other users who still haven’t added you to their contact list.

QQ International for Windows

Go to Settings from the main panel:

Then go to Privacy and Visibility:



How to Set ID Protection for my Account?

Once you’ve signed up for a QQ account we invite you to setup ID protection (also called password protection) in order to get additional safety for your credentials. Here’s what you have to do.

Visit the QQ Security Center if you are using QQ International for smartphone, or go to Settings -> Privacy -> Password on QQ International for Windows: just click “Get QQ ID Protection” and it will open a browser window.

Login with your QQ account credentials (if you’ve clicked through QQ International you can go for the “Quick Sign-in” option), and enter the QQ Security Center.

When you’re in the QQ Security Center homepage you can either go to “Password Protection” via the tabbed navigation or click on the “Setup” button as below:

Now follow all the instructions on-screen and carefully select your security questions. Please try to use your real information and, most importantly, choose memorable answers. In case you need to restore your password, unlock your account, or recover compromised credentials, our system will require you to answer the chosen questions with the exact same wording you used during the setup.


How to Change Password?

Changing your QQ International password requires you to use our corporate Security Center, which you can use to change your credentials and account details. If you have
lost your password you may want to check this out.

From the web

Use your preferred browser to visit the QQ International Security Center in English language.

From QQ International for Android and iPhone/iOS

Launch the app and tap on the small question mark icon next to the password field as below. Please beware that the mobile version of the security center is currently in Chinese. We strongly encourage you to use the web method above for the moment being, sorry for the inconvenience (we’re working on it!).

From QQ International for Windows

Open the main panel then click on the penguin icon in the bottom left corner as follows. Click on the “Change Password” element and QQ International will automatically open a browser window to visit our Security Center.