How to Manage Your QQ International Group Details

Once you’ve joined (or created) a QQ International group you need to manage it and this is how you do it. First of all you need to tap “Contacts” on the bottom navigation and then select “Groups”. This will list all the QQ groups you belong to as below:

If the group you want manage is called “aaa” like in the image above then you need tap on its name to view all latest activities. Once you’re on the group discussion you simply have to touch the icon on the top-right corner of the screen to access the details menu as below:

This will open the details menu from which you can control all related options and preferences: notifications, visibility, invitations and much more.




What’s the Knocking Sound and How to Stop It?

The default sign-in notification sound is the knocking-on-the-door sound. If you don’t like the sound, you can customize it or turn it off – just keep reading on to know how.

Click on the Settings button from the main panel of your QQ International client:

Once you’ve opened the Settings menu, click on “Sounds” and then “Setup System Sounds”. This will pop-up a sub-menu where you can easily customize or turn off all of QQ International’s sound notifications.

Sometimes you hear the sign-in notification go non-stop. It’s likely that someone in your contact list is having connection problem and her QQ account signs in and out repeatedly. You can temporarily mute the sign-in sound by going to the Settings and clicking on the corresponding sound status to switch it off.

You may also want to notify this friend because sometimes she may not realize the problem. To find out who the person is, open your contact list and see which profile is flashing when you hear the knocking sound.


How to Setup Voice and Video Calls?

QQ International offers high quality video and voice calls to all users – for free. When using a smartphone client you won’t need to setup input and output hardware settings since they’re all incorporated in your device. However if you use QQ International for Windows you might want to change these settings and optimize them for the best possible experience.

Go to Settings, then General and Audio and Video as below:

From this menu you can adjust all your hardware settings. When you customize your audio/video settings you should be able to hear your voice and see the picture of yourself if a microphone and webcam (or just a webcam) are correctly installed. If not please double check your system drivers.

To enhance your video call experience you can choose to prioritize speed over quality or vice versa, try to save bandwidth by using additional compression and so on.



Where is Settings Menu?

The Settings menu in your QQ International client are the way to access all toggles and options that modify and customize your messaging experience.

The easiest way to access Settings is from the taskbar at the bottom of the main panel:

On QQ International for smartphone you can access the Settings from the bottom tabbed navigation: