How to Start a Mobile Video Call?

With QQ International you can make free video calls to all your online contacts. Although the service is offered free of charge please do mind your connection circumstances and details because data charges might apply. We strongly suggest you to use mobile video calls while connected to a broadband wireless network in order to achieve optimal performance.

Start a video call by creating a new chat with your desired contact and then pressing the “+” icon in the lower part of the screen. Proceed to select the “Video Call” icon as follows:

This will start ringing your contact. If the other party accepts the call then you will start your video call as soon as the connection is established.


How to Start a Video Call on Windows?

Starting a video call takes a simple click on the video icon as below while you’re having a regular chat with a friend. The video call begins as soon as your contact accepts your invitation.

You can also arrange a group video call with up to 20 people. This feature lets you chat with many friends at once: just invite others to join an on-going video call.

To send a group video chat invitation you need to click “Group Video Chat Invite” as below. Then, enter the names of the contacts that you want to add or remove to your group video chat.

When your contacts accept your invitation you will start your group video call.

To end your video call click the “End” button on chat window.

Others in the group chat will receive a message saying that you’ve left the conversation. If you want to rejoin, you’ll need to be invited back by a contact who’s still in the group chat. The group chat will continue until all participants have left.


How to Setup Voice and Video Calls?

QQ International offers high quality video and voice calls to all users – for free. When using a smartphone client you won’t need to setup input and output hardware settings since they’re all incorporated in your device. However if you use QQ International for Windows you might want to change these settings and optimize them for the best possible experience.

Go to Settings, then General and Audio and Video as below:

From this menu you can adjust all your hardware settings. When you customize your audio/video settings you should be able to hear your voice and see the picture of yourself if a microphone and webcam (or just a webcam) are correctly installed. If not please double check your system drivers.

To enhance your video call experience you can choose to prioritize speed over quality or vice versa, try to save bandwidth by using additional compression and so on.